If you are anything like me you have been fighting the weight loss battle for a long time!  Maybe as long as you can remember?  I started to gain weight in fourth grade!  It feels like I have been overweight and battling this food addiction for my entire life.  Simply put I feel like I have been LOSING over and over!

I have come to the realization that I am tired of LOSING and I want to WIN.  There are two realities, or two teams in life: the LOSING team and the WINNING team.  Last night I was driving home around 8:00 pm and a thought popped into my head that I wanted to eat a cheeseburger.  I know that thought came from the LOSING team.  I called my wife immediately and told her about the thought and the food temptation went away.  I WON!  MAXLIFER’s it is possible to beat this food addiction.  Here are my thoughts on the two teams of life…


There are two teams in life __the losing team___ and ___the winning team_________.

The losing team experiences:

__Defeat____ ________


__Hopelessness____ ___

The winning team experiences:

____Joy___________ ___



Making the right decisions allows us to __WIN____ in life!

We can do this!

Balanced Eating

One of the biggest obstacles in losing weight is having a plan for eating.  One of the definitions for the word PLAN is having a method for achieving an end.  When we don’t have a plan for eating we immediately set ourselves up for failure.  Simply put…NO PLAN equals FAILURE.

Here is my MAXLIFE-Balanced Eating Plan…eat 18 out of 21 regular meals healthy each week.  That’s it?  Yep!  Throughout the day I am trying to eat three regular meals, two healthy snacks, and one protein shake.

MAXLIFE-Balanced Daily Eating Plan

Breakfast-200-300 calories, 5-10 grams of fat, balance of protein & carbs

1st Snack-Banana & Water

Lunch-500-600 calories, 10-15 grams of fat, balance of protein & carbs

2nd Snack-Protein Bar & Energy Drink

Dinner-500-600 calories, 10-15 grams of fat, balance of protein and carbs

***Protien Shake follows workout and try to consumer 80 oz. of water during day.

***Three Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner meals can be replaced with a cheat meal during the week.  (In my opinion everyone should have at least ONE cheat meal per week).

That is the MAXLIFE-Balanced Eating Plan!!  I think we can do it!

Do you think you it is possible to live within these “balanced” eating guidlelines?  Let me know your thoughts!

Living Life to the MAX!

My name is Joshua Meyer and I am on a journey to live life to the MAX!  My best friend Jesus said,”A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.”  I am on a mission to help people achieve their dreams and live life to the…FULLEST…to the MAX!  My hope is that my journey will become an inspiration to many of you!  We all have experienced disappointments, brokenness, and despair in our lives.  It is my deep belief that we’re created to experience a life full of joy, peace, hope, and great adventure!  Today is a new beginning!