What People Are Saying…

“Josh Meyer is a bold Christian on fire and ready to tell it the way it is. He has taken Scripture and applied it in a way that is relevant for today. Having lived a life of losing, he knows the significance of living life to the MAX! If you are looking for a speaker that doesn’t “sugar coat” life and is bold Josh is your man of God.”
Captain Billie-Jo Richardson
The Salvation Army

“One of our ladies is going through a real battle and she almost didn’t come but said afterwards she knew she was suppose to be there to hear your message. Thank you so much for sharing. Everyone enjoyed the message.”
Merri S. Harridge
Former Director, The Pregnancy Center Clinton, IA

“Working with Josh for the last ten years, I have discovered that there are three things that grip his heart: his passion for Christ, his love for his family and his desire to help others discover and live the MAXLIFE.  His honest, often humorous, style is both disarming and engaging.  In an age of ‘image’, his transparency is refreshing.  From where I sit, the highest compliment I can offer is this, I can learn from him… you can too!”
Ronald Lott
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Clinton, IA

“Your insight hit home with the group. I appreciate your willingness to deal with challenging topics.”
Richard Basden
Former Superintendent of Clinton, IA Community School District

“Thank you again for your heartfelt message. It has drawn a new line for me in my walk with our Lord and my quest to be there for the recovering alcoholic/addict.”
Mt. Carroll, IL

If you are interested in having Pastor Joshua Meyer come and speak call him personally at (563) 241-6824 or fill out the form on the Contact page.